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  • Qixi Festival meal for loved ones

    Every year on the July seventh lunar calendar, is our Chinese Tanabata Festival, also known as the Qiqiao Festival, Daughter's Festival, and so on. Tanabata Festival originated from the legend of love between the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. This legend can be said to be widely known. It is said ...
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  • Wild animal protection medal

    Wild animal protection The existence of wild animals also plays a certain role in the ecological balance of nature. Protecting wild animals is actually protecting ourselves.  Our wild running medal cleverly combines Marine life and protected land animals on both sides of one medal to promote the ...
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  • May 4th China’s Youth Day!

    My heartiest congratulations to the Chinese Youth on the auspicious occasion of the National Youth Day, a day to celebrate the young and their spirit.  May they continue to add vitality and vigour to the China and whole world relationship at large. 
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  • Panda Medal with Sichuan Opera Masks 

    Panda Medal with Sichuan Opera Masks 

    The panda has been on the earth for at least 8 million years, known as a "living fossil" and "China's national treasure", the image ambassador of the World Wide Fund for Nature, is the flagship species of the world's biodiversity conservation.    Actors of Sichuan Opera are painted with various ...
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  • Sport events medal for your selective

    Sport events medal for your selective

    We Global art gifts Company provides the custom design service for the sports events, with the ability of unique concept and design, we could make your medal with a story, that means we could see the background of the event for the participants. A customized sports medal will put a smile on any p...
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  • China Qingming Festival

    China Qingming Festival

    Qingming Festival, also known as pure brigtness festival or Tomb-sweeping Day, is one of the 24 segments of the Chinese calendar. It normally falls on the 4th or 5th of April, between spring plowing and summer weeding, and is a time to pay respects to one's anceestors and to tidy their gravesite....
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  • Easter Day Medal

    Easter Day Medal

    This year, Easter will be observed on Sunday, April 4. (Eastern Orthodox Easter will take place on Sunday, May 2.) This Easter is just one week after March’s full Moon (Sunday, March 28), which is the first full Moon to occur after the spring equinox (March 20, 2021) and is therefore known in the...
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  • Global Art Gifts Foreign sales Team

    Global Art Gifts Foreign sales Team

            We Global art gifts  foreign sales team daily work, we work 7*24, providing the in-time response and professional service for you, you could trust our service and quality.  Our company specializes in  Lapel Pins, Car badges , medals  ,challenge coins , key chains , pat...
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