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Panda Medal with Sichuan Opera Masks 

The panda has been on the earth for at least 8 million years, known as a “living fossil” and “China’s national treasure”, the image ambassador of the World Wide Fund for Nature, is the flagship species of the world’s biodiversity conservation.


Actors of Sichuan Opera are painted with various patterns in different colors on their faces before performing to show the identity, appearance and personality of the characters.Historically, there was no professional painting artist for facial makeup in Sichuan Opera, and the actors and actresses painted facial makeup by themselves. On the premise of keeping the basic characteristics of the characters in the play, the actors can draw facial makeup creatively according to their own characteristics to attract the attention of the audience.    

3D Panda and Sichuan Opera Face Spinning Medal (2)


A great medal must be eye-catching, original, and treasured for years to come.  
That’s why we’ve created our Panda Medal with Sichuan Opera Masks. 



This Spinning Medal is specially designed for Chengdu International Marathon.   
We have combined the two representative elements of Chengdu – Panda and Sichuan Opera Face. This moment you look at the medal, it’s a Panda, when you spin it and make it upside down, it became a Sichuan Opera Face. The Panda and Sichuan Opera Face actually is in one same object, just depends on the direction you looking at. 



    Alieen Jia: 

    Alieen is an expert who helps event industry leaders around the world customize MEDALS. And has rich experience in hot-selling badges & challenge coins.

  • Post time: Apr-30-2021