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The Best Thing in Christmas Gifts: Christmas Medal with Hinges

Christmas is coming. Do you need a Christmas medal for this year?”

Christmas Opening and Closing MEDALS Christmas Gift MEDALS

At first glance, this ornament is reminiscent of a traditional medal. However, the clasp is on the back, and the front of the medal has a small hook on the top. This makes it easy to hang on a Christmas tree, wreath, or mantel. The front of the medal is decorated with a dove carrying an olive branch and a symbolizing peace. It is made of zinc alloy and it is approximately 3 inches wide in diameter.

The Christmas medal with hinges provides a way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas all year long. The medal is a Christmas wit a hidden true meaning to a wisdom that reminds everyone that Christmas is a time to be generous and give to those in need and feeling loved.

These personalized Christmas Medals are the perfect choice for young children who are preparing for Christmas morning. The shimmering gold medal features a red hinged rectangle that opens just like a gift box. The backside includes a silver plate that can be engraved.

They are the most loved of toys. They are sold worldwide in shops, department stores, and in online stores. Their popularity can be attributed to their versatility, timeless appeal, and the coveted sound of opening the box. Super hero medals are loved by both children and adults. Another factor that makes them popular is their small size. They are the most loved of medals.


This is a silver-plated medal with a snowflake design. The medal has a diameter of 2.25 inches and is 1/8 inch thick. The medal comes with a ribbon and can be engraved on the back.

Honouring your hard work being dedicated is important. And now running, each other, you have a chance to win a special medal that will pay you back with a personal touch. It usually appears in the multi-stop & multi-city series of marathon awards. The Interlocking Snowflake medal is a unique and personal keepsake that can be a statement of a place you’ve been.

Interlocking Snowflake medal is a mix of colours for a more detailed look of beautiful colours, the medal is perfect for every runner, of any age, before it is a running medal, it’s a symbol of freedom.

Whether you’re a starter or a pro, this medal is both functional and stylish.  The snowflake design will look great on your softball or track team or on your softball or track medal. The perfect accessory for your photo album.



Have a Happy Christmas running with a colourful Xmas medal on the fairytale-like racing track for children!


Give your kids a fun way to celebrate the holidays! This running medal is a great way to bring.



This PVC Santa Medal is perfect for children who love to dress up and go out to the mall to get their pictures taken with Santa. With a sleigh and jingle bells in the background, this medal has Santa in his iconic red suit and white beard, giving a wave to the camera. With a loop on the back, this medal is perfect for hanging from a Christmas tree or just wearing around town.

Santa medals are made of metal, PVC, wood, etc., all custom-designed for customers. Many amazing and beautiful metal and PVC medallions are available for you to choose from and you will own it with high quality and low price.

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