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How did the custom MEDAL come about?

Custom medal is for outstanding personnel to give honor and reward.

Different styles and shapes can be customized according to different uses.

And Metal medal custom materials usually use brass, zinc alloy, iron or gold, silver and other more.

However, what process does a unique medal go through? Follow Global Art Gifts to find out.


Carved Mold - Diesinking Machine 1

* Design artworks according to the requirements of medal customization: with the popularization of computer technology, more advanced drawing software can  quickly issue 3D design drawings.

Global Art Gift company in-house professional design team can provide you with free design services.

* Medal mold: import the computer designed manuscript into the engraving machine program to weave the knife path for mold carving, pay attention to the  thickness of the knife grain in the engraving process, and compare the mold according to the picture to see if there is any defect.

Finally, heat treatment is carried out on the mould to enhance its hardness and durability.



* The medal is taking shape. This is usually done in two ways, depending on the material.

1. The zinc alloy medal works through a die casting machine: the heat treated die is installed inside the die casting machine, which under pressure shoots the  molten metal into the die to cool and form.

2. Iron and aluminum products through the punch press work: the use of pre-made knife die, the product according to its shape, with the punch down the product.


 Products Plating - 4



* Medal polishing: the newborn product into the polishing machine polishing, remove the stamping burr, improve the product smoothness and quality.

* Medal plating: according to customer’s requirement, we can plate customized MEDALS according to the color card to choose the color you like. Such as shinny gold, nickel, copper, antique bronze, antique copper, antique tin and so on.


* Medal coloring: color customized MEDALS according to customer requirements, the world art gift factory has automatic soft enamel adding equipment, can       complete tens of thousands of products coloring work within a day. Bake at high temperature after coloring to enhance color fastness.

In addition, sometimes you will see a combination of manual and automatic paint addition, or a professional technician can do it manually.


 Quality Detection - 1

* Installation of ribbon and packaging: the MEDALS made in accordance with customer requirements for packaging, packaging is generally divided into ordinary packaging and high-grade packaging such as box, global art gift company will be in accordance with customer needs for packaging design and matching.

* The last step is the inspection and warehousing: we will be inspected by three teams of staff before storage. Filter out defective goods. Ensure that the quality of the shipment is in good condition.

A perfect medal is born. If you get more details about medal production from this post, then share this post to help more people!

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    Alieen Jia: 

    Alieen is an expert who helps event industry leaders around the world customize MEDALS. And has rich experience in hot-selling badges & challenge coins.

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