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Custom Medal – The fifth collaboration with Granfondo

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Gran Fondo is the tremendously popular Cycling Race for amateur cyclists all over the world. the first gran fondo was hosted on July 12, 1970 in Italy. Popularity of gran fondo races eventually spread throughout Europe and America. In 2014, the first The Colourful Yunnan Granfondo Cycling Festival was took place in China.

Granfondo cycling race

The 6th Colourful Yunnan Granfondo Cycling Festival was hosted successfully in Yunnan Province, spanning two weekends from 2 to 9 November 2019. The medal was the highlight of the competition, which was designed and producted by Global Art Gifts. From 2015 to 2019, Global Art Gifts has been the Granfondo event designated medal customization supplier for five consecutive years, and fortunately, the medals we designed every year have been praised by the participants.

2015 granfondo medal 1

2015 Granfondo Custom Medal

Custom stacking medals for series cycling races (1)

2016 Granfondo Custom Medal

Custom Granfondo Five Stages Multi-piece medal with magnet

2017 Granfondo Custom Medal

2018 granfondo medal

2018Granfondo Custom Medal

2019 Granfondo Custom Medal

The medal is designed perfectly integrates the different ethnic characteristics of the six race stages with the cycling sport: The complete medal was formed by six hexagonal boxes of different colors, representing six different race stages.

Craft Details


Material Technics

The medal is casted with high quality zinc alloyy

custom medal


The box surface was made of gold-plated

The representative flower of each region is designed on the surface of each medal , which is fully reflecting the characteristics of Yunnan province.

2019 Custom medal 2


The surface of internal parts is matte black

In addition, the most unique design is after opening the medal box, each medal box contains a different bike accessory.

custom medal


Using exquisite transparent soft enamel painting process

Competitors who have completed five or six race stages can take out bicycle parts to assemble themselves, One of the six stages is individual time trial, and there is a pair of parking stents inside the medal box, Competitors who finished all the other five stages will not be able to get the stents, but it will not affect the bicycle assembly.

custom medal

Assembling Video

As the very impotant part of race, a profect medal can not only arouse the enthusiasm of the participants, but also achieve a good publicity role for the event and expand the influence of the event.

Global Art Gifts custom medals for continues five years for Granfondo, we feel very honored, we also thank the organizers for their recognition and trust in our work.

The participants said, “The Colorful Yunnan Granfondo finishers' commemorative medals give us surprise every year, and you'll regret if not coming”.

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