Medal Styles

Every Medal is special.

Global Art Gifts provides a large selection of medals to choose from.

In here you will see all the medal styles and features we can produce into your custom-made medal.

With a wide range of medal options, you'll be sure to stand out at this year's events.

Stock Medal

Our stock award medals are available in different finishes, sizes and styles. Click here to see full selection.


Enameled Medal

Our Enamelled Medals are perfect for bringing your wildest ideas to life, and they make great keepsakes with thoes fantastic colors. Check out our cutoms colorful medal collection.


Color Spray Medal

You also can dress up your medal with full color paint, not just with the traditional plating. Come to find the your favorite color spray medal.


Series Challenge Medals

A connecting series of Challenge Medals will attract more participants to join in all series events to earn a complete set of the master medal. Come and make a custom medal set.


Interlocking Medals

Every individual event medal joins together to complete a master medal set, interlocking medals are really a smart way for rising more competitors to participate in multi themed race series.


Spin Medal

Soccer Medal is the special way to reward, motivate and encourage your team. Basketball Medals as well.


Snow Globe Medal

Our snow globe medals create a brilliant way to show the beautiful scene that the flakes falling down slowly through the water. Such a poetic medal is a must for your Winter Run, Christmas Run, and Valentine's Day Run


Military Medal

We are proud of our military style medals customized for rewarding the soldiers. Each military medal can be combined with a ribbon. Custom logo and design on military medals with free personalized design.


Wanna see more styles of medal, click here to contact with our sales representative for medal solutions.