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The 11 pieces medal you never seen!

There has eight movable squares and 3 base parts tocombine this medal. There are eight movable squares on the medal that read the wordsabout the spirit ofthe marathon. With the movement of the movable squares, you can spell out the marathon spirit of puzzle meanings.

Every runnershall encounter “tough it up” or “Gofor broke” during practice or race.


When we got this idea from Run2gather, movable squares on the medal and won't fall down when you hanged. There has plastic toys like this, but it's a huge challenge to use metal instead of plastic.


It's feel so good when this medal come out, and we sent video to Run2gather, they are highly satisfied! Global Art Gifts is a company focus on RaceMedals consultant and RaceMedals production. We’ve been served over 1500 events in past 10 years! These events all succeed and impressed with the medals we made. Contact ustoday and let'screatethe best medal for your events!
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Post time: Sep-18-2019

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Q: How many pieces of this combine helmet medals?

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