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The remarkable Awards we create for Granfondo Events from 2015-2018, Continuing in 2019


Colorful Yunnan International Granfondo Cycling Festival is a event including 5 stages in 7 days.The Organizer NordicWays wants to give the riders who participate in all 5 stages the best feelings of pride and accomplishment, so we need to create 5 medals to allow their great satisfaction. We did it! All 5 medals came out unique but very coherent, and can be combined together!



2015 Medals
Five medals are combined by magnet. You can swing them hard,do not worrying about tearing them apart. Each medal is covered by translucent color. You can see the detailed patterns of the background. Video to show you the details:


2016 Medals
Inspired by the bicycle freewheel, we put a bearing at the back of each medal.Once the five medals pile up, they form a freewheel and can actually turn! Video to show you more details:


2017 Medals
Four Trilateral medals, and One Square medal.Together, they become a PYRAMID! How does this work? Magnets? Yes, you got it! A stunning work of art, and video here: aken-by=globalracemedals


2018 Medals
3 handmade, 4 months, 7 pieces, but we finally get this so beautiful a colorful flame gold-winged helmet! It's not easy to create a great product, and we felt so proud! Click the video link to learn more. utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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