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This Medal Should Be Awarded to You



In the past 2020 Chinese New Year Festival, the 2019-nCoV was broke out in China, thanks to the great support from our Government, unmatched wisdom of China Medical Team, and China's powerful medical technology, there are already 0 new increase cases in 26 provinces and 0 case in 86 cities, everything is gonna be better and better.

Thanks to those who have contributed selflessly during the epidemic, this medal should be awarded to you!

As a socially responsible company, Global Art Gifts actively responded to the requirements of the government, and did a variety of safety work for restarted to work to ensure the safety of employees.

For example:

1: Entry and exit personnel registration

2: provide masks and other protective supplies for employees

3: Daily temperature measurement for employees

4: Workplace ventilation

5: Hand washing equipment is running normally

6: Regular disinfection every day

7: Reduce the gathering of employees

8: Garbage classification, set up a special mask recovery box


We believe that through the joint efforts of the government and individuals, the epidemic winter will pass soon, and our business spring will come soon!


The picture is about the epidemic , thanks again for your concern, we are fine and safe!


If you want to know more information about epidemic or business, please leave your message or send an email to

Post time: Feb-29-2020

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